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Tuition for the Summer Academy is $350 for non-HackCville members and $300 for HackCville members. All accepted students will have to pay a $50 deposit a week after being accepted. Your remaining tuition will processed in the following weeks. Please select 'Yes' if you will be able to pay this fee. Select 'No' if you have financial need.
If you have financial need, please explain your circumstances here.
Why do you want to participate in the HackCville Summer Academy program?
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Refund Policy: If accepted, students may request a full refund (including their deposit) up until 3 weeks before the program begins. If a student requests a refunded after 5/20/19 and before the program start date 6/10/19 they will forfeit their deposit. If a student requests a refund during the first two weeks of the program (6/10/19 - 6/24/19) they will forfeit their deposit and 50% of their program tuition. Refund requests will not be accepted after 6/24/19.
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